Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce – Resolving Financial and Family Difficulties

Diane Brazen Gordon represents individuals and couples filing bankruptcy as a way to obtain a fresh start. She has a special interest in bankruptcy as it relates to divorce. In these stressful financial times, many couples contemplating divorce are also facing overwhelming financial problems. Many divorcing couples are unable to afford the costs of maintaining two households. After a divorce, one or both spouses may be unable to pay their debts and household expenses. Unexpected expenses may exacerbate an already difficult situation. So many families are stressed financially due to medical expenses, job loss, student loans, tax liabilities, and an increasing inability to make mortgage payments. Families may be faced with both divorce and bankruptcy. The decision to file a bankruptcy case before, after, or during a divorce can have a substantial impact on the bankruptcy case and the divorce case.

The information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes and is not legal advice.

Diane Brazen Gordon has an office in Lincolnshire, Illinois and provides compassionate guidance and over twenty years of legal experience to people contemplating bankruptcy.