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Picture of Bankruptcy Lawyer, Diane B. Gordon

Diane Brazen Gordon, JD

Providing the legal pathway to a new financial life.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Diane Brazen Gordon counsels individuals and couples with financial problems. She understands that men and women may have financial problems for many reasons. Too much debt can be overwhelming. Sometimes people take on debt because of unfortunate events in their lives, such as illness, divorce, or loss of a job.

Attorney Brazen Gordon educates her clients and others about their options for dealing with the financial problems of their past and to work toward a brighter future. She is committed to helping clients by providing the legal pathway to a new financial life.

Attorney Brazen Gordon is a bankruptcy lawyer. She files Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for her clients when that is the option they choose to improve their financial condition.

Diane Brazen Gordon assists people overwhelmed with debt problems. She files bankruptcy cases and defends collection cases. She also consults with and represents people involved with bankruptcy and divorce issues. She also provides consultation and representation to individuals when a former spouse files bankruptcy. She has an office in Lincolnshire, Illinois and sees clients by appointment in Chicago and outlying areas. She has twenty-five years of experience in providing legal representation to her clients.