Time Management Tips
Words of Wisdom learned from members of EPWNG (Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group)
Meeting Sept. 13, 2012

At the EPWNG meeting today we had such a wonderful exchange of ideas, that I want to share some of the insights we shared on the topic of time management. We all agreed that we do not have enough time, energy, or capacity to reach our idealistic goals of perfectly managing our homes, work, and taking care of ourselves. We shared ideas of how to achieve more satisfaction with what we are able to accomplish. Here is some of our brainstorming.

1. Stop making decisions that are small, or that do not require us to make.
Let someone else make those small decisions (a member said she read this in an article written by President Obama).

2. Ask for help from family members. Example: ask husband to make dinner (we all agreed that does not work for everyone!).

3. Set a goal of blocking out a chunk of time (example 3 solid hours) to work uninterrupted. Most of us could accomplish a lot of work if we worked uninterrupted for 3 hours, and would feel good about getting that much work done.

4. Limit internet and emails – turn them off for a block of time.

5. Be satisfied with less than perfection and delegate when possible.

6. Learn to say no and sometimes that results in increased ability to do better work. Example: determine how much work we can do in a certain period of time and turn down or defer other work.

7. Instead of lunching or having coffee, spend time with friends or colleagues taking a walk outside.

8. When the weather is good, spend time outdoors riding a bike or walking, or doing whatever you enjoy. Take a mental health break.

9. Remember that we cannot please everyone and that is not our job. Be able to say no, set limits and boundaries, even if someone else does not like it.

10. We all agreed that we do not have any or enough time to spend on socializing with friends or working on friendships. The good news is that professional groups like EPWNG are great for business networking and building friendships at the same time.